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Kyiv "wolves" appeared on Ukrainian basketball arena in 1999. Oleksandr Volkov well-known as Olympic Champion, Europian Champion, Champion of USSR and Greece, first Ukrainian in NBA and nowadays  President of Ukrainian Basketball Federation became founder of the Club. Such famous basketball names as Oleksandr Larin, Vitalii Khomenko, Oleksandr Salnikov, Galyna Melnychenko were ones of Club's originators. 

Oleksandr Kovalenko became first Coach of the Club. Having the best Ukrainian players at that time Club invited experienced American playmaker Curtis McCants and during its debut season BC "Kyiv" participated in three tournaments same time - Korach Cup, NEBL and Ukrainian SuperLeague. And if in the first tournament "wolves" qualified  only into  group round, other two tournaments became really faery  for the Club. In the taff competition new Ukrainian Club got into the Final Four of NEBL and became Champion of Ukraine being outplayed "Odessa". 

After such a successful season main players of the Club have been invited to play in the  best European Clubs. McCants was employed by CSKA Moscow, Hryhorii Hyzhniak moved to "Zalgiris", Lithuania and Stanislav Medvedenko became NBA Player. 
 That is why new season team started with  reinnovated roster and the achievements of the Club were also different: Kyiv reached NEBL-2000 quarter-finals when lost against "Zalgiris" and came second best after same "Odessa" in  Ukrainian Championship. 

In 2001/2002 two more Olympic Champions joined the Club. Igors Miglinieks became the Head Coach and Rimas Kurtinaitis joined the Club as Sports Manager being playing Vice-president! Jointly the team became Vice-Champion of Ukrainian Championship and was so close from NEBL Final Four. 

Basketball season 2002/2003 added to Club's treasury one more set of bronze medals in Local Championship. More then that "Kyiv" team guard V'yacheslav Yevstratenko became Superleague MVP. But at the end of the season Igors Miglinieks took decision to leave position of Head Coach and Vitalii Lebedyntsev became new master for the team. 

But in the middle of the season Coaching staff changed again - Gennadii Zaschuk became the Head Coach. And January 2004 Renato Pasquali, Italian specialist, was the one whom Club trusted to guide the team. As far as till the mid of the season there was almost no chance to qualify for next round in FIBA Europe competitions, Italian Coach took all his effords to achieve maximum results in Ukrainian Championship and to form  strong team for the next season.  As a result BC "Kyiv" got third kit of silver awards in Superleague. More then that - Kyiv as a capital of Ukraine was entitled to host All Star Game of FIBA Europe competitions. 

One of the most bright periods in the Club's history have been 2004\2005 season. Club invited top-basketball players like LaMarr Greer, Iannis Iannulis, Marcus Norris, Marcelo Nikola, Sergii Chikalkin, Kresimir Loncar and MVP of Global Games - Oleksii Pecherov. The team became super-strong unit and as a result got again golden medals in Superleague (whitewashed "Azovmash" which was current champion with the score 3:0) and became vice-champions in FIBA Europe Competitions. 

In 2005\2006 such well-known European  players as Ratko Varda, Dusan Kecman and Goran Nikolic, American - Michael Harris, Ukrainains - Artem Bursky and Leonid Iailo. New team was strong enough to qualify Funal Four of EuroCup and Kyiv was the city that was entitled host this great event in history of Ukrainian basketball life. Native arena gave  Renato Pasquali's  team good enouph support to get  bronze awards in the Final Four and to become Vice-Champions in the Ukrainian SuperLeague. 

After season was finished Club management took decision to concentrate on Ukrainization of the team. "Wolves" managed to return back to Ukraine the catain of Ukrainian national team Artur Drozdov. Also Oleksii Pecherov who have been drafted by NBA Club  Washington Wizzards decided to spend one more year with the team. Hrigorii Hyzhniak was back as well to be on the side of Kyiv team. Victor Berezhnoy was entitled to lead the team and be head Coach at that time. And even in spite of a lot of people decided to file the Club away from storage, BC "Kyiv " was on Champion track in local Championship. But higher level of European Cup stopped the team during its group round. So the Club was out of European competitions for that season and Victor Berezhnoy submitted resignation. Slovenian Coach Tomo Mahorich who subsituted Berezhnoy on Head Coach position lead the Club to its first in the history golden award in the Ukrainian Cup and triumph in Superleague Championship. But "Azovmash" became better the then Kyiv at the final game of Play-Off. 

2007\2008 season started new epoch in the history of the Club. Kyiv for the first time in own history took part in ULEB Cup - second the most important tournament in the Old World! And the debut was successful! "Wolves" managed such strong opponents as French "Pau-Ortez", Italian "Benetton", Belgium "Telindus" and at the end they were  just footstep away from Final Four of the tournament. 

In summer 2008 Sasha Obradovych, serbian basketball expert, became the Head Coach of the team and BC "Kyiv" went on European path again. Taking into account the highest tasks of the team that season, some top-proffessional basketball players joined capital team  like Kenan Bajramovic, Clay Tucker, Scoonie Penn and Brent Wright. But wolves did not qualify from elimination round of Eurpean Cup and that was the reason why team gone down to Eurochallenge Cup. It is worth mentioning that Eurochallenge Cup was as good as ULEB Cup (the presence of such grands of basketball as Italian "Virtus" and Russian "Triumph" really mattered a lot). 

.Obradovych team moved successfully to the ranking top but right in the mid of the season Club's management took decision to say good-bye to most of the foreign players and gave a chance to young Ukrainians. And  Kyiv Juniors  exceeded all the expectations when they qualified to Quarter-Finals   of European Cup and  only after third game in a serie  Lukashov&Co gave way to the Final Four to French BC "Shaulet". 

Taking into consideration successful performance of Ukrainian roster, Club's Chiefs decided to continue palying with Ukrainian players. More then that - one of the most ambitious Ukrainian coaches - Vitalii Chernii took the position of Head Coach that days. 

 And Vitalli Chernii did almost impossible. 

Under his guidance "wolves" being the only team in Ukrainian Superleague having absolutely Ukrainian roster successfully reached the Finals of SuperLeague Cup and got into semi-finals of SuperLeague play-offs!

After that Club banked on own Ukrainian players and kept that philosophy during next three seasons. V'yacheslav Bobrov, Maksym Sandul, Pavlo Krutous and Ruslan Otverchenko grew up and became  real  "wolves" and experienced Artem Shvets and Vladyslav Podolian achieved good team work. That is why Club's Managers took a decision to fight for Champion's title starting from new season  2013\2014. Foreign basketball players such as Donald Copeland, Lee Humphrey. Michael davis and Dominique Coleman joined the  Team this year. Vitalii Chernii is also back to the Team as its Head Coach after several months practical study in USA. Team has got important task - struggle to be a Champion in the Local Championships  and show high level basketball as well in Eurochallenge Cup. So after several years break our fans will have again the  possibility to see BC "Kyiv" in European competitions. The team is completely ready for new achievements and is opening new page of own history.